Are you ready to declutter, organize and simplify your life?

I can help!

Together we will go over your goals and create an action plan.  I generally suggest that we start in the areas that you use the most or that bother you the most.  As we begin to tackle a project, I will help you discern which items to keep and which can go, we will organize what you choose to keep and then simplify your systems so that it stays functional.

Everything will be organized into systems that work for YOU!

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Two philosophies that matter to me:

  1. Keep YOU first!  This is all about what works for you.  Something that is functional for one person may not work for another.  I work at your pace and with your best interest at heart.
  2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:  I care about the environment in your home, as well as the entire earth.  If we buy less, we proactively reduce our clutter before it starts AND use up less of the world’s resources!  Together we will look at the root of the clutter issue and find ways to reduce the problem before it starts.  Along these lines, I will only encourage you to buy new organization products if you do not already have something that could work.  If you have dressers, bins, closets in your home, I will always try to make that work first!

Top 10 Reasons to DECLUTTER!

  1. Aesthetics:  Who doesn’t want to come home to a beautiful home?  This makes you feel happier and also makes it more fun to invite your friends and family over.
  2.  Time and Efficiency: Spend less time shifting items around or searching for those lost glasses / keys / papers.  Have more time for your passions!
  3. Sanity:  Are you thinking in circles every time you try to get something done?  Decluttering helps you think clearly and stay on top of tasks.
  4. Release Negativity:  Why keep items that are associated with bad memories, guilt, or negativity?  Stop punishing yourself and let these harmful objects go.  Live a more positive, happy life!
  5. Health:  There are many ways that decluttering helps improve your health.  Depending on the severity of your clutter, benefits include everything from stubbing your toe on the junk laying around your house to relieving allergies, stress relief, better sleep, less anxiety.  Decreasing stress alone could help reduce problems with blood pressure, digestion or severe illnesses.
  6. Energy and Focus:  With less to bog you down, you will feel energized and focused in your everyday activities.
  7. Better equipped for life:  After decluttering, you will feel more centered and less distracted by your material possessions.   When one of life’s inevitable challenges is thrown your way, you will have a more balanced mentality to handle the problem at hand.
  8. Freed from Materialism:  Organization professionals will often ask “Do you own your stuff or does it own you?”  Realizing that your stuff can hardly bring you lasting and authentic joy allows you the freedom to find those relationships and passions that truly bring you joy.
  9. Spiritual Growth:  When you release your attachment to your material possessions, you become more centered and free yourself to connect to what truly matters.
  10. Relationships:  The process allows you to better connect to your BEST self and your most important relationships!

Pardon My Mess!

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